25 Years In The Betting Ring – nearly finished.

My first attempt at writing a full-length book (66,000 + words) is nearly finished. Proof-reading and editing is nearing completion but it is amazing, or maybe not, how many mistakes you make and miss. My story starts with plucking up the courage to explore the smoky mysteries that lurked behind the blue and green plastic strips of the local betting shop door. Discovering the joys of the betting ring the amazing array of characters that inhabited it. Trails and tribulations of being a punter and racing fan in the Army in the 80s. Starting work on a casual basis for an on-course bookmaker, who it has to be said is a personality. Gambles that stung the whole ring, layers that have come and gone, punters on the missing list. Moving on to another firm, hooligans at Aintree, Frankie’s magnificent 7, a brief fling with (early morning) fame on TV. Doing the Cheltenham Gold Cup – Kranji double, Bangkok Turf Club, Melbourne Cup, Mumbai and Bangalore races. Scoop 6 and Jackpot highs, murky threats of violence lows. It’s all there, the characters past and present, the joy that has been working in the thick of the betting jungle for 25 years.


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