Tales From The Betting Ring – Newbury 19/07/13

I don’t expect anyone reading this in the UK needs me to tell them that the weather was gorgeous, but it was. 22 bookies made the trip and a were delighted to find that the crowd exceeded most of their expectations.  Many of the layers had been working in the sun on a regular basis so were sporting some serious tans. OK, most of them involved just forearms, ‘V’s on their chests and heads akin to a Swan Vesta but they looked nice and summery. Add to that  the ‘Man from Del Monte’ look was a popular one with them too.  Sadly anyone wishing to emulate it would have been out of luck as it seemed the usual purveyor of fine millinery, and Man from Del Monte hats, was AWOL.

Where's your hat Reg?

Where’s your hat Reg?

Most of the regular faces in Newbury’s week-day ring were in evidence. The Ivor Perry team admitted that Worcester summer jumping had been their main fare recently so the flat at Newbury was a nice change of scenery, and less of a drive. Jack Bevan had the skeleton but A team out. Head honcho Paul was all dressed it black. Was he in mourning I asked? I immediately regretted that question, just in case he was, I hadn’t thought of that. It was OK though he just thought that the look went best with his trainers. The look on sidekick Ian’s face said that might be non-winnable quest.

Chit chat before racing over I let them get on with their business of taking bets. There were some chunks flying about too, a brace of two grand wagers in the second on the favourite, that came second behind a 16/1 shot. Rock Choir was well-backed in terms of price-reduction in the third, not so much in lumps of money, it won though so jolly backers had their chance to smile in the sun. You have to hope that they enjoyed it because the next couple of races certainly didn’t go their way.

Only five lined-up for the next, Thunder Strike looked so much like banker material that one of the high street firms had their man have small fortunes on at the 4/7 mark no doubt helping its price contract to 1/2. Sometimes it seems horses are very well named, Miracle of Medinah looked to be. I’m not sure where Medinah is or even if it’s a place but the Miracle part was spot on as he won at 33/1. OK miracle might be a little over the top but to see the look on the faces of the Men from Del Monte you could be forgiven for it, for the Men from Del Monte, they say ‘Aye Aye’!

The Man from Del Monte says 'Aye Aye'!

The Man from Del Monte says ‘Aye Aye’!

Nobody appeared to fancy Triple Dream in the race before the penultimate, it drifted from 10/1 to 16/1 but became the third cracking result of the day for the layers. It was no good I had to go down and ask them how it had been going. I was expecting the usual miserable response that they couldn’t take any money blah blah blah. One bookie did say that it wasn’t a lot of cop, then did add that it was only the 5th and they had done 90 tickets more than the previous night at Epsom, so not actually all that bad. Martyn of Leicester, was cock-a-hoop and very vocal, ‘I had to back the winner back’ he managed to share before reverting back to his original call of ‘Free insults’ to nobody in particular on the rails.

I can upgrade my plastic shoes now!

I can upgrade my plastic shoes now!

Bob Stock admitted taking single pounds, but plenty of them and was having a good day. Bevan was too and so was Perry. Proper job, I was very pleased to hear it then headed back to the stands. On my way Pete Houghton betting on the rails called me over and also informed me that business wasn’t massive but they were winning well. Oh dear Pete, did you tempt fate?

It seems so because then it went horribly wrong.

Gabrial The Great was very well-backed, it hosed in too. It all went a bit quiet, they were no longer quite so chirpy down in the betting orchard, sorry ring. It was OK though they got the last favourite beaten, kept what they still had and will all be back tomorrow with plenty more of their brethren, deeper V tans and loads of money to play with. Come racing and win it off them. Aye Aye!

Anyone interested in putting the face to the words here’s a video blog, it’s a short couple of clips on me being interviewed about tictac.


(c) Simon Nott


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by john loveridge on July 19, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I dont follow golf Simon but I think that Medinah is an American course on which Europe miraculously came back from the dead to win the Ryder Cup.


  2. Thanks Johnny, I have been severely chastised by several golf aficionados, and indeed even as a non-golfing fan I should have known that. But now I do. Aye Aye!


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