Annecdote – the fall out!

Further to yesterday’s tales. My lucky work-mate upset a few people by putting them away over the chances of Annecdote. While everyone was very pleased for his good fortune they were not so chuffed to see the beast backed from 20/1 into 14/1 then defy a poor draw to win cosily with none of our money on it.

To make things worse our mate has arrived at Goodwood this morning regaling us of tales that a stable-lad from the yard, and his twin brother both had faith enough to have £100 a piece on at 20/1. Added to this the entire local cricket team had such a touch they gifted our man with enough booze to sink the navy. Slightly confused to how a horse that was considered to have little chance was so well backed our hero was asked what the trainer actually told him. ‘Oh I didn’t bother to ask him, it was just my opinion’ was the reply.

It was deemed best that our mate didn’t dig himself deeper when it became evident that we had all missed out on what could have been a memorable punt. All down to his pessimistic attitude and not having the gumption to ask the trainer what he thought Annecdote’s chances were. So for public punting safety I can strongly advise you to ignore all racing advice from this man.

Answers to 'Graham'.

Answers to ‘Graham’.


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