Skint Mob – What a little bird told me.

My book full of stories based on bookies, punters and characters that inhabit the betting rings of the UK has been getting some great feedback on Twitter. As a way of blowing my own trumpet and hopefully generating some interest in this self-published title I thought I’d share some with you. The book can be ordered direct from me by sending a cheque to Simon Nott, 16 Fairby Close, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6AB, BACS email me for details via Paypal at the same email address or  on eBay


@ncardwell 30 Dec
My other sports book of 2013 – @SimonNott’s brilliant ‘Skint Mob! Tales From The Betting Ring’. If you’re a racing punter, this is for you.

@hardcorenh 1h
@SimonNott Great read! Unputdownable 🙂

@sharpeangle 26 Nov
Betting mad.Ever bet at a racecourse? @SimonNott’s terrific new book, Skint Mob! (£9.99)is Betting Ring heaven; great Xmas gift for punters.

@nebbiolo77 7m
@SimonNott just finished #skintmob. Brilliant read. Reminded me what a privilege it was to work in the ring in 1990s and noughties.

@r1cky55 1h
@SimonNott Just finished skint mob, great read, perfect way to spend the next few days with no racing. can’t wait for the follow up .

@SimonNott I’ve just finished reading #SkintMob a compelling and entertaining read – congratulations.

@trefenter 6m
@SimonNott Enjoyed your book very much. Uncanny, first couple of pages like reading my own life story, even 1st bet was 50p ew on a 1/3 2nd!

@daxoli 03 Jan
@SimonNott just finished Skint Mob! Really enjoyed it, perceptive and funny history of the betting ring. Thanks! Happy New Year!

Some more local press too

 ‏@MrPaulMDuffy 24 Dec
Shout out for @SimonNott #skintmob is a must read.

 @Norrrrrrrrris 19 Dec
“@betted888: Any u gambler folk looking for a lighthearted read over Chrimbo period check out @SimonNott Skint Mob”

@tomtomwinnie 11h
@SimonNott Loved you book Simon, I’d highly recommend it.#talesfromthebettingring#simonnott

@SimonNott  cheers Simon, a great read. A real insight from a punters point of view.

 ‏@dwarrington76 28 Nov
Just finished Skint Mob, honestly the best betting book I have read, enjoyed every page. Hope to see a part 2 in the future.

@andygosling2 23 Nov
I enjoyed every page. Now crack on with part 2 😉

‏@Jacktemplar 12 Dec
 brilliant read!

 @capitalgull 10 Dec
Really enjoying it Simon. Takes me back to childhood at Newton

‏@Relko67 9 Dec
Finished the book at the weekend. A good read, really enjoyed it, thanks.

@ColWadey 8 Dec
Love Horse Racing/Betting/Buzz of the Betting Ring ? Then the book #SkintMob by @SimonNott is for you. #GreatRead

 ‏@Spotter127 8 Dec
 Thanks for sending the copy of “Skint Mob” Simon. I’ve only read the first few chapters so far, but I am enjoying it immensely.

 ‏@potterthebookie 3 Dec
Got mine on Saturday and very good it is too.

‏@TwitTopTipsters 3 Dec
great read Simon

@jofwigby 2 Dec
Pleased as punch with #skintmob – ta muchly – excellent #stockingfiller for the betting/racing fan xx

@LadyNanBullen 29 Nov
Blatant plug before turning in; “Skint Mob” is a great tale from years of betting ring observation.

@Punter_No1 28 Nov
Skint Mob a great read, good memories of when the betting ring had a heartbeat. Excellent Xmas present. #punting #horseracing

‏@pat_cosgrave 22 Nov
finished skint mob yesterday. Very enjoyable read. 

@BetJackBevan 21 Nov
Cracking read… Couldn’t put it down!

@photography_jmj 20 Nov
It’s the book that has got the racing industry talking!

But it wasn’t all good on twitter! 

Niall Bermingham ‏@Berminn27 21 Nov
@SimonNott that’s ur first tweet in two weeks that hasnt mentioned your book!

Now Available on eBay

Also some printed press.

Sunday Independent (Plymouth) 05/01/14

Sunday Independent (Plymouth) 05/01/14

Skint Mob! is a 200 page king-sized paperback book with full colour photographs. It brings to life the betting rings of UK racecourses from Aintree to Ascot and Newton Abbot to Newbury via point to points and the odd nip into a betting shop. The author uses his own experiences working for bookmakers since the late 1980′s as a vehicle to bring to life the colour and characters of that most vibrant and exciting of habitats. Add a liberal sprinkling of humour and you have a must-read for all fans of UK racing and its unique atmosphere. Cost £9.99 plus postage. 

Skint Mob! Tales From The Betting Ring. OUT NOW

Skint Mob! Tales From The Betting Ring. OUT NOW

Now Available on eBay


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