Dean Valentine and Jim Davies on-course video clip 1990’s? Those were the days

I just stumbled upon this wonderful video clip on YouTube. Many racecourse regulars in the South of England will recognise the very youthful Jim Davies and Dean Valentine with some other old faces I’m sure. Dean explains TicTac and Jim says how good he is.

This is mainly from Walthamstow Dogs but some clips at the races too, I’d say from the early 1990’s. Great stuff.

How times have changed, though not exactly when Dean says at the end…. well you’ll have to watch it!



I have written a book called ‘Skint Mob’ it is about bookies, punters and racecourse regulars and has been quite well-received. Here’s a review from the Racing Post on Sunday 23rd March.

Review from the Racing Post 23/03/14

Review from the Racing Post 23/03/14

It’s available here on Amazon – Kindle and Paperback



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Adrian Armstrong on April 8, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Hi Simon

    Thanks for your entertaining blog.

    Regarding the video, please tell me the URL (I just see a still photo in the email).   Regards,

    Adrian Armstrong



  2. It’s here in the blog


  3. Remember brummie doc, the last of the tic tac characters


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