Tales From The Betting Ring – Salisbury 22/05/13

There were some pretty nasty thundery downpours before racing which led to the going changing to soft and plenty of non-runners from the night’s six-race card.  The meeting also clashed with Goodwood and Sandown too so not surprisingly the bookmakers and punters seemed a bit thinner on the ground than you might expect.

The usual suspects were in evidence though, Armaloft Alex made an appearance before the first. He had been chatting to people that know and they knew the winner of the first. That was quite exciting to most in earshot because this was a good half an hour before the race was due to run. The were only four left in it but a winner is a winner and Sunset Sail was going to win. At least that was apparently the word around the well-heeled parts of the locality in areas where it’s said they close your bank account if you don’t have £30k sat in it.

Nobody was going to join that exclusive club by backing this one, it opened 8/11. But a winner akin to finding it on the floor is a gift not to be sniffed at. One punter piled in with £550 to win £400, then must have felt a bit sick to then see 4/5 hawking. During the race itself it did look for some of the way as if ‘they’ were right and the jolly was a shoe-in. Sadly for the punter that piled in a little too early Sunset Sail got worried out of it and turned out to be no match for Percy Alleline. The winner returned 9/2 but had been 5/1 so someone thought they knew better. Armaloft wasn’t seen again during the evening though it’s doubtful he waded in to the detriment of the family estate, far too shrewd.

There was a real buzz around the betting ring, not because they got an odds-on shot beaten but because of the Scoop 6. Many of my mates in the ring have long been part of the occasional Trend Horses syndicate and were delighted to hear that the form guru behind that exclusive little club had decided to come out of retirement. Like many others he cant resist the challenge of a crack at the £6m and whatever that figure might rise to before Saturday. The cash started to pour in from existing syndicate members. It is very safe to say that with the record-breaking sums on offer shoulders were well and truly opened. Nifties and ponies for mates and girlfriends on top and carpets, monkeys and grands from the flushest. In the end we had to call a halt to the deluge just in order to keep it manageable. The result being that out man has now got 50% more ammunition to play with than when we last won it. The syndicate has won it three times and will hopefully ensure we get a good run for our money in on Saturday, I will be tweeting!

If you look closely you can see a bookmaking syndicate member discussing selection tactics with Trend Horses form guru.

If you look closely you can see a bookmaking syndicate member discussing selection tactics with Trend Horses form guru.

The majority of  syndicate members are bookies or bookies’ staff so were no doubt highly-delighted that only one jolly won on the night. They were even happier when the last went to a 16/1 shot that had the 2/1 joint favourites back in second and third. Happier still that the rain held off long enough to pack the kit up and bundle the readies, keeping their ‘powder’ dry!

I’ve a rare Saturday not racing this weekend, so no ‘Tales’ but Scoop 6 Fever updates from the sofa in front of the TV.

Next week’s updates hopefully from a location near Garrison Savannah!

(c) Simon Nott

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