Tales From The Betting Ring – Kempton Park 10/09/14

You never can judge a day from just a few moans. Contrary to the gist of my blog from Kempton on Saturday one bookmaker told me that for him ‘It wasn’t that bad’, which was good to hear. The crowd tonight was much thinner than Saturday’s, as you would expect, but there were some serious backers amongst them. The opening race featured three horses at around the 5/1 mark. One punter waded into House Captain with a monkey each-way at 5/1. There was also a flurry of smaller bets for Noverre To Go also at 5/1 to keep the bookies on their toes. That given then The Dandy Yank winning from the latter was probably not as bad a result as it may at first look. Even better for the layer that stood for the monkey each-way, that firm knew they had copped the grand a fair way out, House Captain one of the first beaten and out of the frame.

A healthy crowd that contained some punters.

A healthy crowd that contained some punters.

The second race went the way of the punters, well at least some of them. One had £1000 on Gen I Am at 11/4 which had opened at 5/2 while Framley Gale and Father Stone came in for support at 9/2 into 7/2 and 11/4 into 9/4 respectively. Father Stone got the money a length or so in front of the former Tommys Geal was third at 100/1. That at least gave the bookies the hope that an absolute result was possible.

There was a bit of fun to be had in some quarters before the next, a maiden. One regular sat bolt-upright when told that the owner was on the money for theirs in the race, Dalmatia. Most other people realised she was owned by the Queen so on all the money, needless to say red faces at someone’s expense. There was indeed money for the monarch’s  filly including a £5000 – £2000 but although quite possibly watching on the TV Her Majesty has yet to be sighted on the Kempton betting ring. There was also support for Bright Beacon backed from 5/1 into 7/2 but neither of the money fillies made the frame. Sweeping Up won the race at 10/1 with an ease that belied her price and gave the ring a winning race, at least you’d hope so.

The rails take the strain.

The rails take the strain.

There was some interest in another with regal connections albeit only in name when some cash appeared on course for Royal Warranty in the following handicap. The subject of the often clever cash did come with a promising looking run but had to settle for third at the judge. The race was won by the jolly Fresh Kingdom who had been trimmed from 11/4 into 5/2 by the off, so no good for the books.


The ‘Jump Racing Starts Here 19.10.14’ (roll on the jumps) Handicap was no better for the books, They did have a glimmer of hope when it looked like 10/11 Peace Accord wasn’t going to find the gear required to go past the leaders and win. Only briefly though, as it did have the gears and eventually won going away, one early punter got a £550 – £400 bet the odds-on shot, come racing.

Things went from bad to worse for the ring in the sixth when Local Time won after being backed from 5/4 into 11/10. One guy in the ring appeared to be more overjoyed than most that the favourite had won. He was performing a weird little jig as well as shouting louder than the rest of the crowd put together, on closer inspection maybe the joy was the result of some decent beer than the intoxication of having a lump on a winner. Any readers who frequent the rings in the South please don’t jump to the conclusion that I’m talking about that other regular and much-loved champion cheerer. Young Tommy was not in attendance,

What comes after bad to worse? Lady Sylvia backed by some sharp money that’s what, 9/4 into 2/1 and winning by just a neck compounding the woes of the bookmakers. Would Kempton Park like to resurrect ‘KP TV’? It’s times like this the betting ring needs cheering up, it would be back by popular demand I’m sure.  Of course where the bookie are losing the punters and in clover, not just the punters, the winner added to a real purple patch trainer Joseph Tuite is enjoying.

The word prior to the lucky last was that the sharp money was rumoured to be on Celestial Knight, at least according to one ear close to the ground.  Very close as it turned out as the money continued to come in for the gelding eventually going off at 5/2 helped in by some small trade interest. The result went to a photo but to the despair of the layers the gamble was landed in the last stride, Celestial Knight judged the winner by just a head  in front of the dead-heat runners-up including 33/1 shot Fiftyshadesdarker topping off a nightmare night for the betting ring. Poor bookies.

(C) Simon Nott

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