It’s fantastic to read what people have said about ‘Skint Mob’ (mostly!)

Skint Mob has been getting some lovely reviews on Amazon. I thought they were too good to just sit on there so thought I’d blow my own trumpet and post some of them on here. It’s my book about the wonderful characters I have worked for, bet with, taken bets from, been knocked by, been tipped winners by and enjoyed a wonderful life on the turf with. Here are some of the reviews. If you haven’t read the book hopefully they might tempt you to part with a cockle! (much less on Kindle)

By shane&kalie
This review is from: Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring (Kindle Edition)
A great read and a fascinating insight into how it has all changed over the last few decades in the betting ring. I remember the boards being marked up by hand and bets being logged into the field book but was all too busy not spilling my beer or getting my bet on to really notice the changes as they were introduced over the years. Having attended Exeter and Newton Abbott regularly over the last few years, as well as Chepstow and Cheltenham I can appreciate how it has changed, especially with the introduction of the exchanges. Thank’s to Simon I now have a much greater appreciation of it all. The witty stories and larger than life characters can all be pictured thanks to his story telling. If you have an interest in horse racing this cannot fail to interest and entertain you. A quality read.

Brilliant easy-to-read window into a world of characters., 2 Aug. 2014
By P Wagg “filiprag” (England)
This review is from: Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring (Paperback)
I finally got to read this book having bought it when it came out and putting it aside to enjoy on my summer holidays in France. That’s where I sit now having whizzed through this fascinating sketch of a world that the writer experienced in its final glory days. This gives the book a ‘last days of Pompeii’ underscore that brings a nice depth to the work. If, like me, you have an interest in horse racing, betting or both you will find these glimpses into the world of backing, hedging and laying really fascinating. I also come away with a massively increased understanding of how some of these concepts play out both in the pre and post Betfair eras. The language is clear and brisk so you don’t need any real knowledge to enjoy the book. I liked the way the men and women of the betting ring are shown to be just normal working people. Perhaps the book’s greatest success is opening up this world for lay review and putting the lie to the myths; Bookies are not a shadow-race of in-the-know mystery men and the bookie certainly doesn’t always win. I would recommend this to all racing fans, all those who like a bet, all sports fans and, to be honest, anyone really. There are characters in here that will give any reader a giggle. I was reading bits out to my wife as she sunbathed and chuckles were noted.

Go on treat yourself and laugh out loud, 29 July 2014
By michelle sargent
This review is from: Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring (Paperback)
Absolutely loved it. You don’t have to be into horse racing to enjoy this book its a brilliant insight into the highs and lows of one of the worlds more mysterious ways of making a living. Simon has a amazing way of making you feel as though you are there. I laughed out loud many times. Be prepared to not to it down once you start. Looking forward to his [next] book hopefully we won’t have to wait to long. Ian from the west Country

Skint Mob! Tales From The Betting Ring. OUT NOW

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Not everyone loved it tho, that’s why this one is down here!

Not what i was expecting – which probably says more about me than the author!, 8 July 2014
By Big Jim “Big Jim” (London, UK)
This review is from: Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring (Kindle Edition)
I can only admit to being disappointed in the end by this book. I was looking forward to a story of dodgy deals and evading the police and dangerous criminals but I’m afraid – and it’s to the author’s credit this really – that this is no more than a mildly interesting story of someone who ends up working in the betting business. Sure there are stories of coups and the like but it is all rather tame and well, businesslike. It’s almost like the author is too honest and hard-working to have that “edge” that might have made this book a bit more “racy” (sorry, couldn’t resist). I hope that I am not doing the author or indeed the betting business a disservice by saying that whilst interesting, this book isn’t that thrilling.


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